Rolling in Makeup


So I’ve been traveling a lot lately and decided I didn’t have a good way to tote all my makeup around. A few months ago I made a new makeup bag with a plastic lining which I’ve been using but I don’t like bringing my brushes in it because they just roll around with everything else. So I wanted to make a brush case that I could throw in the makeup bag so they had some protection. I also wanted a case for my eyeliners because I like to bring several in different colors but I’m always having to dig in my bag for the right one.

So I thought back to when I made that makeup bag I also made a pencil case for my stylus’ (cause I’m a dork and have a ton of stylus’…), and figured I could just make another one like that… but then I got to looking at pinterest for the pattern I used and found a pin for a roll up brush case. Perfect. So long story long, I made two roll up holders one for brushes and one for eyeliner pencils. And here they are (with bonus pictures of the makeup case and pencil case I made previously.)

Here they are together, obviously the pencils are smaller so the roll is a lot smaller as well. I just kinda made up my dimensions by using a brush or pencil and laying in out on the fabric.

 009 008 010 003 002 001

I loved the lace! Not sure how well it will wear but its so pretty. It was kinda difficult to sew because I couldn’t see my lines cause all I had was white marking chalk, but because I used white thread mistakes are invisible 😉


Boxy makeup bag. I wanted a plastic lining but since I live in the middle of nowhere and all we have for shopping is a K-Mart and two grocery stores I had to get creative with my plastic. (We do have a small quilting shop but they only have quilting fabrics and they are hella expensive) I used a clear shower curtain for the plastic lining. Its a little thin but I wasn’t sure if it would work at all. Next time I’ll use a thicker shower curtain. 016 019Stylus case! I use my ipad a lot for sketching ideas for work (I’m a graphic designer.) So I like to be able to bring my stylus’ with me and I don’t like them floating in my purse cause they’re kinda expensive and I don’t want them broken or lost.

So there you have it! Not bad for a couple hours of work. 🙂 Perfect for my trip to Minneapolis this weekend (I’m going to see Bastille in concert!!!)


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