Rolling in Makeup


So I’ve been traveling a lot lately and decided I didn’t have a good way to tote all my makeup around. A few months ago I made a new makeup bag with a plastic lining which I’ve been using but I don’t like bringing my brushes in it because they just roll around with everything else. So I wanted to make a brush case that I could throw in the makeup bag so they had some protection. I also wanted a case for my eyeliners because I like to bring several in different colors but I’m always having to dig in my bag for the right one.

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Make-up Bag… sort of.

So I wanted to make a make-up bag that would fit all my make-up so I decided to follow this tutorial. I found this adorable elephant and started sewing. It’s actually a very easy project, however mine didn’t turn out exactly right. Mine turned out a little too tall and skinny versus short and wide. Oops. It still works but its not quite right. I may try again, but for now here is my elephant make-up bag.

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